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Hudson, Brooks, and Heidi

Y’all. This is THE sweetest family to every walk the face of the planet. And I mean it! I loved our afternoon at

Peacock Family

I’ve been out of town alllll summer, but I am back from the hiatus and have some openings for fall sessions! Here

Sadie, Mia, Ella, & Abe, again

I took family photos for this fun family last fall as well. It was one of the first frigid days of the year, so we had

My Favorite 10 Photos from 2016

I did this in 2015, so I thought it would be super fun to do it again this year. Here are my 10 favorite photos from

London, McKenna, Elijah, and Darcy

Photographing this sweet family on one of the most beautiful days of autumn was a blast. Our session started out with

Jake & Luke, again!

I photographed this sweet family earlier this year, and it was so fun to do so again! Jake and Luke are pretty

An Expecting Couple ❤️

I had the joy of photographing the happiest couple one gorgeous summer evening. Their new baby is absolutely adorable!!

The L Family

Hello! One lovely evening right before leaving for seven weeks of camp (hence my seven week absence), I had the fun

Yet Another Crazy Cute Family!

After today, I will be finished up sharing photos from my long ago trip to San Diego to Blue Lily Photography’s

A CRAZY Cute Family!!

I am so excited to finally be sharing these photos from what seems like a very long time ago. In need of updated family

Luke and Jake are the cutest boys in the world.

I had the joy of photographing the absolute sweetest family. See for yourself how precious Luke and Jake are!

Carl & Chantel + 4

More San Diego photos… Carl and Chantel have three handsome sons and a precious little girl. They are as sweet a

Greg, Eve, Van, & Wren, Under the Highway

Weather in San Diego (and Mexico!) is so much greater than Chicago’s current weather. It provided a much needed

The Rynbrandt Family

It was a joy to photograph the Rynbrandts. What a great family!! We had such a beautiful location with g.o.r.g.e.o.u.s.