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Some senior photos of one of my dearest friends… Also, I am almost completely booked for fall. If you want a

Kailey, again!

If you do not know Kailey, you are MISSING OUT. I’ve been blessed enough to spend day in and day out of every


Meet my good friend Kailey. She is smart, sporty, sweet, and great at canoeing.


Allow me to preface this by saying that I am not a senior photographer. However, taking pictures of my friend while on

Praise’s Senior Pictures

There are some people that you cross paths with in life that make you say to yourself, “WOW! HOW AM I SO LUCKY AS TO


Earlier this week, Jade and I ventured to St. James farm for some pictures. Jade is a dream to photograph! She is so


When I was down in Atlanta, I had the privilege of photographing my sweet friend Katherine at Piedmont Park. Katherine