Praise’s Senior Pictures

There are some people that you cross paths with in life that make you say to yourself, “WOW! HOW AM I SO LUCKY AS TO KNOW THIS PERSON?” Praise is one of those people. She is truly amazing. To know her is to love her.

She is the world’s best stand partner for orchestra, PTA for Chinese class with a gift for teaching, and an even better friend. Her plan is to go to college in Canada next year, because she is just awesome like that. There will surely be a Praise-sized hole in my heart next year. 😉
Here are the photos, that I got to take last fall. Love you, Praise!! <3

praise (1 of 1)PRAISE (1 of 1)-7PRAISE (1 of 1)-9PRAISE (1 of 1)-8PRAISE (1 of 1)-5PRAISE (1 of 1)-6-2PRAISE (1 of 1)-4PRAISE (1 of 1)-3PRAISE (1 of 1)-2-2cc of praise (1 of 1)-2

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